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Do Not Fear The Future 
By: Grecia
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As an upcoming senior I can tell you I’m very scared of the future but at the same time somewhat excited. Soon I will be dealing with college applications, SAT and ACT scores, getting a job, and experiencing my last year of high school. Trust me guys the years do go by fast !! I remember being a freshman in high school like it was yesterday. I used to look up to the seniors, and think about how smart and intellectual they were. I remember thinking how do they do it???
 I thought the day I would become a senior I would suddenly have everything under control and somehow a light bulb would turn up and suddenly know what i was going to do with my life. Well….. that is not the case. With just less than 3 weeks before I begin my senior year, I’m as clueless as ever. What I have realized however is that not everyone knows what they are going to do with their life. After all we are all within the range of 17-18 years. Some may know in their hearts from the moment they are 15 what they are meant to do, and some may take a longer time to figure it out. Wherever you lie on the age scale it doesn’t matter, take your time in finding yourself. Even if you change your major 458950 times in college it’s all alright. Being happy with who you are is what life is all about. You don’t want to be stuck working in job you hate.
 ”High school is the best years of your life”. 
In my opinion, I don’t believe this saying is true. I truly feel I will experience that kind of adventure when I’m in my twenties, living by myself and seeing the world in a whole new perspective. But you know what? It might be the best years of your life or it might not! It is completely subjective. There is nothing to worry about because there is a lot to look forward in your life.
One thing I can say, is that these 3 years so far have been a roller coaster. They were very good, but it had up and downs. A piece of advice, really focus on your studies! I have good grades overall but I wish I would have pushed myself harder these last 3 years, took more AP classes, and reached my full potential. 
My high school experience so far has made into the person I am today, very much different from my 14 year old self. I found true friends and I’m sure those friendships will last a longtime. I feel I have matured deeply, and discovered new passions I was unaware of before. It is totally OK to go through phases while you’re in high school. How else are you going to find yourself and what you stand for ??
Flowers do die, and soon so will my high school experience. I won’t see those familiar faces in the hallways anymore,won’t carry heavy books out of my locker, drink hot chocolate at 7:00 am in the cafeteria, won’t talk to my favorite teacher, and won’t spend five days of the week eating at the same corner table, laughing and talking about the weekend with my friends. I will truly miss all of these little memories and will remember them as a lovely speckle of a rainbow in my life.
Although I’m very nervous of what the future holds me, I am going for it. It is a new chapter in my life. What I believe scares me the most is that things will change and they won’t be as they have always been. I will finally have full control of what I want to do with my life, which gives me power that I hold. A power that everyone holds within. Even though I am just one person out of 7 billion I believe I can do anything I put myself up to. Anything is possible, if you believe in yourself. "Do not fear the future" is a new quote I will follow personally and I hope you do too. Much Love xx

And one day, your name didn’t make me smile anymore.
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